Why are My Seedlings Turning Yellow

Why are My Seedlings Turning Yellow?

Starting seedlings–whether during spring or any time of year–is exciting. Those little seedlings hold the possibility of producing a bustling garden with fresh vegetables, tomatoes, or maybe a flower garden. But it’s easy to get worried when seedlings turn yellow.

How Long Do Slug Pellets Last in the Ground?

How long do slug pellets last in the ground? It’s a question that every dedicated gardener needs to know the answer to if they want to effectively protect their beloved plants from the munching menace of slugs and snails. In

Do marigolds keep animals out of your garden

Do Marigolds Keep Animals Out of Your Garden?

Do marigolds keep animals out of your garden? If you’ve ever battled with pesky pests, from rabbits munching on your prized vegetables to deer making nightly visits to your flowerbeds, you’re likely on a quest to find an effective and

how long can a ladybug live without food

How Long Can a Ladybug Live Without Food

 How long can a ladybug live without food? It’s a question that may have crossed your mind while observing these charming, spotted beetles in your garden. These tiny creatures, with their vibrant colors and endearing appearance, often capture our curiosity.

Can I use Triazicide in My Vegetable Garden

Can I use Triazicide in My Vegetable Garden

In the realm of vegetable gardening, nurturing your green bounty can feel like an epic battle against relentless pests. And just when you think you’ve got the upper hand, they strike back with unwavering determination. So, the burning question on

How to get rid of root eating pests

How to Get Rid of Root Eating Pests

As a seasoned gardener, I’ve had my fair share of battles with those stealthy underground villains – root-eating pests. These uninvited guests have a knack for wreaking havoc beneath the soil, silently sabotaging the health and vitality of your precious